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PesoMiner Mining Experience

This is my experience on playing and/or running the pesominer app that promises to give money by just being idle everytime you are connected to the internet. Hope this simple log chart help.

Withdrawal Method is thru G-Cash,, Paypal, Coinbase, Cebuana

Below is a log of my PesoMiner Experience:
60 minutes = 36,096 game hashes  
45 minutes = game hashes
30 minutes = game hashes
15 minutes = game hashes
10 minutes = game hashes
05 minutes = 3,000 game hashes 21xmr

date                   xmr                        game hashes   time         gain
2018 MAY 19    0.00006271 xm    988,928 5:34 AM
2018 JUN 12     0.00017224 xmr    2,759,424          6:20 AM  1,770,496

PesoMiner is a mining website application which helps you to earn extra money using your Computer's CPU or processing power for mining digital currency called Monero (XMR). It is safe and easy to manage since we provided our browser mining system to adjust the CPU useage and number of threads to use during mining.

How to play?

You need to have a token in order to make a spin on the slots. 1 token = 1 spin. Click the SPIN button to start the Monero Machine. You will get a chance to win0.02000000 XMR Jackpot prize! If you're not lucky enough, don't worry, you're not going home with nothing, you can still earn random XMR amount depending on the RESULT of your SPIN.
Slots are random
The Monero Machine is a fun game!
Before you see how slots work, you simply have to understand that the outcome of each spin is random. This is a pretty easy concept, but many people just refuse to believe it. If you're not convinced that slots are random, then see this article on how slot machines are randomfirst, then come back here. Don't worry, I'll wait.

How to get tokens? You can use your game hashes in exchange for tokens, below is the exchange rate:
1 Token   for   8,000,000 Game Hashes
2 Tokens for 15,000,000 Game Hashes
3 Tokens for 20,000,000 Game Hashes
5 Tokens for 25,000,000 Game Hashes

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