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Rules of Survival New Weapon

photo credit to ROS user/gamer: Ahjia3
Server: Asia cp
What if there is a new high tech weaponry that the game of Rules Of Survival characters can use. Here is a nice recommendation for ROS players, the A.I. Robot Arm.

A.I. (artificial intelligence) robot arm is a sophisticated weaponry of the future that feature a robotic arm that can be controlled by brain waves and the robotic arm comes with a jet pack.

According to a gamer of rules of survival with a username Ahjia3, the one who designed and conceptualized this weapon, the robot arms are attached to a jet pack and can be use by a player for 3 minutes and will auto recharge in 5 minutes; the A.I. Robot Arm cannot be use while charging. The arm strength is equivalent to 10x the arm of a human being and with its mind control technology the player can use it as a regular arm as if it is part of the body. The robotic hand can pick up any weaponry and use it versus the enemy. The robotic arm is so powerful when used in hand to hand combat the player will definitely win!.

If the design of this robot arm will be approved by rules of survival this will be the gamers best bet for a powerful weapon upgrade.

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