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NGCP alerts the public of kite-flying risks

As part of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’ (NGCP’s) line safety program in communities, the country’s power grid operator reminds the public to observe safety when near highvoltage transmission lines. A major concern of NGCP during the summer months is the occurrence of electrocution incidents due to kite flying since most children on vacation resort to this past time. Residents living near transmission lines and substations are advised not to risk their safety and their lives by flying kites in close proximity to the transmission facilities. At the Colon Substation of NGCP in Naga, Cebu, reports of kite strings getting entangled to the conductors and insulators of the switchyard are becoming a cause for concern. These occurrences may cause the tripping of transmission lines, which are experienced as brownouts or power interruptions by ordinary power consumers in the province.  NGCP enjoins the public to avoid kite-flying near its high-voltage structures. Other practices such as building fires, planting trees and constructing houses and installing antennas near transmission facilities are also prohibited, according to NGCP. Cebu City Ordinance No. 1471 prohibits kite flying in roads, streets and places near electrical structures. At other par ts of Cebu without a law prohibiting kite flying in dangerous areas, NGCP exerts more effort to educate the public of the hazards of said activity. NGCP hopes that through its continuous safety information campaign through the mass
media, incidents of tripping, power outages and  electrocution caused by kite-flying will be reduced.

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