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     A group of diseases that causes joints and connecting tissues to become painful and inflamed.  Once acquired, arthritis may continue for life.  In most cases,damage remains permanent.  At times, arthritis can be corrected by surgery.  Although arthritis can be controlled, it cannot be cured. Proper diagnosis and treatment are essentials, without delay, to minimize pain and crippling deformities.
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Description A
      Gout is a form of arthritis that is easiest to detect and treat. Excess uric acid in the body,as reflected in blood analysis,forms needle-like crystals in joints leading to severe inflammation.  The affected joint becomes hot, swollen and very tender.Acute,painful attacks often start in the big toe,but frequently affect other joints in the feet, hands, knees and elbows.

Probable Causes:
• Inherited defect in body chemistry (primary gout)
• Disturbances such as when the uric acid is either produced excessively or produced faster than kidneys can get rid of them (secondary gout)
Probable Symptoms:
• Severe pain in a joint (big toe, wrist,ankle, thumb)
• Shiny, swollen and extremely tender-to-touch joints

Note: These are the characteristics of an acute attack.

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Helpful Dietary Management
• Eat a low-purine diet, giving emphasis not to overeat protein-rich foods - even those which are not purine-rich.
• Eat a lowfat diet for possible excretion of uric acid.
Note: All protein, when metabolized inside the body, will eventually contribute to the uric acid pool.

Description B
Osteoarthritis, is the most common type, is a wear-and-tear disease that comes with old age.  The elastic tissue becomes soft and wears away, sometimes even exposing the underlying bone. Most commonly affected are the weight-bearing joints - hips, knees and spine plus fingers and big toes.
○ Primary osteoarthritis - The onset is without apparent cause. It occurs earlier in life and mostly affects the small joints.
○ Secondary osteoarthritis - This results from injury or wear-and-tear. It occurs later in life in large or excessively used joints.

Probable Causes
• Mechanical stress. It is a combination of aging, chronic irritation of joints and normal wear and tear.
• Heredity. Some people inherit weaker cartilage, or have chemical abnormalities, ranking them as highly prone to ostearthritis.

Probable Symptoms
• Localized pain
• Localized stiffness
• Loss of ability to move joints comfortable
• Appearance of bony enlargements of joints especially the fingers
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Helpful Dietary Management
•Eat a balanced diet. Include food preparations that are easily handled and transported to the mouth by painful arthritic fingers.

Description C
Rheumatoid arthritis is the most disabling and destructive type, often affecting the whole body.  This disease often inflames and thickens the lining and tissues around the joints. In addition to joints, it can also affect the heart, lungs, eyes,skin, blood vessels and the muscles.

Probable Cause
• Unknown

Probable Symptoms
• Fatigue
• Muscular stiffness
• Loss of appetite
• Weight Loss
• Swollen Joints
• Presence of fever
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Helpful Dietary Management
• Eat a high-calorie diet with abundant fruits and vegetables (balanced diet) if losing weight and with fever.
• Eat small frequent feedings rather than just 3 big meals to improve a failing appetite.
• Adjust diet to 3 regular meals as appetite improves.


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