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Alden Richards fans exploded with joy at SM City Bacoor

photo credit to SM City Bacoor and SKK Ding Ding Mobile
SKK Mobile publicity gimmick: promises fans to have a side-by-side / one-on-one photo selfie with Alden if they buy an SKK mobile.

Watch Videos via Youtube:
People are waiting Alden... (it should be 2:00 pm then what time is it?)
Baby Girl Sketch and message
Child Won an SKK Mobile Cellphone
Mika G said she loves Ariana Grande
Mika G sings a song from Adelle entitled Rolling in the deep
Mika G sings Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas
SKK Dancers Dance
SKK Dancers does K-POP
Alden Richards Song 1
Alden Richards Song 2 Fan shouted "Anakan mo ako"
Binitbit pauwi ng Bahay si Alden ng isang female fan
Finally people got a chance to see Alden live in person. So many people, everybody is really waiting to Meet and Greet the leading man behind EAT BULAGA's ALDUB NATION.
The event was hosted by SKK Mobile and Mr. Richards' is the mobile phones's endorser.

So in order for you to get inside the you must buy a unit of SKK mobile phone, one phone - one person entrance to Meet and greet Alden and to take a selfie of the dashing young actor; but the one on one selfie is just a publicity gimmick instead of a side by side selfie, only a group selfie was made to all who bought an SKK mobile phone, many kids who bought a phone got disappointed.

The event took place at  SM City Bacoor parking area on November 22, 2015 @ 3:05 PM. The Banner says that it will start at 2:00pn but the program officially started around 4-5pm. Many people and expectators went home and wasn't able to wait any longer. So more rooms for the one's who waited but still so many people attended.

The stress went away when the young actor arrived and sung 2 songs and did his thing, thrilled the fans and made the PABEBE WAVE, then the host announces that Alden still got to go to another show making it impossible for the one-on-one selfie who bought the SKK Mobile phone.


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