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How to protect yourself from ATM Skimming and ATM Hack

Brought to you by BDO.
ATMs are undoubtedly one of the best modern conveniences around. You can have quick access to your money at various locations, and access a wide range of functions including transferring money to your loved ones, checking your balances across all your accounts, reloading prepaid phones and paying bills without having to queue at branch tellers. But every great amenity has its disadvantages – and ATMs are no exception. Over the past few years, criminals have become adept at stealing card information and/or Personal Identification Number (PIN). Of course, they then proceed to use these details to get your cash. This is known as ATM skimming.
How the skimming happens
Two devices are usually used to skim your card. The first is a dummy card reader that is attached to the machine’s original card slot. When a customer slips in his/her card to withdraw, the device picks up the card information from the card’s magnetic strip. The next is usually either a mini camera or a false ATM keypad that is placed on top of the ATM’s original keypad, which records the PIN that you press.
The stolen information is later copied to a dummy card, which the skimmer will then use to access your account.
BDO takes a multi-phased approach in ensuring that your account is protected from ATM skimming:
1) Advanced Skimming Protection (ASP)
- Technology that is capable of detecting and stopping skimming devices
2) Card Reader Design
- Has a unique bezel design that is difficult to replace or replicate
3) PIN Security
- PIN Pad Cover (PPC) and PIN Pad Inhibitor (PPI) both block PIN capture.
4) Highly-trained ATM Fraud Response Team
- BDO has Fraud Analysts who are trained to mitigate losses due to skimming attacks.
5) Customer Care
- BDO’s Customer Contact Center is ready to accept skimming reports 24/7 through its hotline (02) 631-8000.
Your shared responsibility as a customer
How can you further prevent this from happening to you? There are a few simple precautions you can take:
1. Never share your ATM PIN with anyone.
2. Cover the keypad when entering your PIN at all cash counters and ATMs.
3. When using an ATM, look out for the unusual such as a jutting card reader or a small camera that may seem out of place. Lift the keypad to ensure it is in place.
4. Do not get distracted, especially by strangers, while using your card at ATMs.
A few basic measures can go a long way in saving your hard-earned money and keeping criminals at bay. By staying alert, you can help prevent ATM skimming from happening to you.


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