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Video Stabilizer for Walking and Fast Walking with a Small Video Camcorder

I design a simple yet effective to use video stabilizer for my mini video cam. You can Walk or walk faster while recording.

I am not tryig to promote my HP videocamcorder coz this kind of camera has various limitations, but, with a little creativity you can enhance your experience in using your mini video cam and have more fun with it; I just want you to know the weight of the video cam I am using for you to have an idea out of it.

Fun in shooting video is when you can glide and record scenes while walking. Best experience is making a travel blog or when you are in an adventure while walking. So that i why I made a video stabilizer, having your cam on a tripod/ stabilizer has its benefits:
a) lessen the contact of your sweaty hands to your camera coz sweat are salty and can depreciate the value of your video cam.
b) you lessen the shake.
c) you can record your adventures while walking or even fast walking with lesser shake.
With proper technique and practice with my stabilizer you can have a pro-like shots.

Here are the Parts that I used:
1. Quick release plate from a used tripod
2. PVC clamp for 1/2 PVC pipe
3. PVC connector with tread
4. PVC pipe 1/2" and PVC cap at the bottom (use a screw to hold the weights)
5. Circular clamp
6. Washer for hand grip
7. circular screw (2 pcs.)
8. key chain ring (optional)
9. Screw 3" long (use 2 screws for your X & Y axis balancing)
10. 5 pcs. Washer for Weights
11. any Metal plate for foot stand
12. Small washer
13. Aditional weight
14. Washers
15. Weight (any type)
16. lock Screw
Other Materials: • PVC Cement • Black Spray Paint  • Laptop strap
REMINDER: when using this video stabiler make sure that your video cam are attached firmly on the quick release plate, any strong/excessive running can lossen screws

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