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How does the Age of Dinosaurs started? The Earth is born

THE EARTH IS BORN 5,000 million years  ago, a mass of minerals and gases solidified forming the earth. Millions and millions of years ago Earth was  a mass of white hot material.   Gradually it cooled down, and as it cooled there were catastrophic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and terrible floods. Earth was slowly transforming into the planet that we know today.   During this transformation some molecules in the sea became capable of reproducing themselves.  This was the beginning of Life! Eventually, small one-celled creatures developed called protozoa - these were the first true animals!.

Astronomers believe the Earth formed out of a ring of gas and dust surrounding the Sun. Over the course of several million years, dust particles stuck together, and then collided with larger and larger chunks until all the material in the ring formed up into a single planer. The heavier elements separated from the lighter elements, and sunk down into the centre of the Earth. And if astronomers are right, it's happening all over again, in a star system 450 light-years away; another Earth is under construction and it's the youngest planet ever found.

Planet named: LkCa 15 b (Photo by: University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, Karen L. Teramura)
In this undated artists rendering provided by the University of Hawaii, a new planet forming around a star is seen. The Institute for Astronomy said in a statement Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011, Adam Kraus and his colleague Michael Ireland from Macquarie University and the Australian Astronomical Observatory used Keck telescopes on Maunakea to find the planet. LkCa 15 b is 450 light years away from Earth and is being built by dust and gas.  It's the youngest planet ever  found. Astronomers are closely monitoring this phenomenon and  if observations is correct the teory of  how the Earth is born will be a solid FACT!

THE EARTH'S CRUST SOLIDIFIES. About four thousand million years ago seas of glowing lava formed the Earth's crust.

THE GREAT FLOOD. Torrential rains beat down relentlessly on to the red-hot crust of our planet. Very slowly, over a few million years, the Earth cooled down and large seas formed. It was in these seas that the first living animals were born.  But, they were certainly not as  large and complex as most of the animals we know today, having only one cell. There are millions of cells  just in the thumb of your right hand!

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