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Yuwie - A Social Networking Site that SCAMMED its Users

Yuwie is a social networking site that pays its users for online activity, the more you use the site - the more money they will pay you, is it too good to be true?!
Yuwie pays some of its users but not all until the owner shut down the site for the reason: "Yuwie hasn't been profitable for a while, and because of that I decided to shut the site down."; when you visit the official website this notification appear and you cannot proceed to the site anymore 'till the worst day comes to yuwie fanatics - "THE SITE IS DEAD!"
I admit I joined yuwie because I like PYRAMID SCHEME and I have nothing to lose. It is fun watching your tree/ pyramid grow and meeting lots of new strangers that spam all the time with their other money making online schemes and continues recruiting people to join other programs. It is not real anymore, the only reason you are being friend with is the fact that they earn for any unnecessary activity they have to make. It is exciting at the beginning but in the end it is depressing.  I think this is how the owner feels about it.  So if you want to hang-out and make friends go signed-up to a more real social networking site that has a higher global ranking.


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