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Myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack)

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Myocardial Infraction (heart attack) is a condition that occurs when the supply of blood bringing oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscles is cut off,  resulting in tissue death (infarct).
Probable Causes:
     • Atherosclerosis
     • Hypertension
     • Abnormal blood clotting
     • Spasms of the coronary arteries
     • Infection of the membrane covering the heart
     • Rheumatic heart disease

Probable Symptoms:
     • Shock
     • Extreme thirst
     • Nausea

Note: In shock, the water in blood vessels moves temporarily to the spaces between body tissues.  As an area of the heart dies, enzyme cells leak out into the general circulation.  Raised levels of the serum glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase (SGOT), lactic dehydrogenase (LDH), and creatine phosphokinase (CPK) in the blood are often used in diagnosting heart attacks.

Helpful Dietary Management:
     • Offer nothing by mouth immediately after a heart attack until shock resolves.
     • Give intravenous (IV) infusions (to be administered by a physician) to prevent dehydration if victims is still nauseated as shock resolves.
     • Give a lowsalt diet consisting of liquid or soft, bland foods in small frequent feedings several hours after the shock.
     • Serve foods neither too hot nor too cold.
    • Adjust diet to include regular lowfat and lowsalt foods planned into 3 meals a day after about 5 to 10 days.
     • Eat small frequent meals slowly if chest pain still persists.
     • Do not exercise immediately after meals.


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