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     Diabetes is a condition characterized by the lessened ability, or the complete inability of the body tissues to handle and use body sugar.

Probable Causes
     Diabetes can result from a host of factors which can be grouped into primary and secondary.

• Primary factors include:
a) heredity
b) obesity
c) infections
d) stress (pregnancy can be a form of stress)
e) mental strain
f) worry (40 years and older are more prone)

• Secondary factors include:
a) hormonal imbalance
b) disease of pancreas (viral infection bringing about pancreatitis, carcinoma of the pancreas, TB of the pancreas)
c) gallbladder, thyroid, pituitary and liver diseases
d) presence of unidentified insulin inhibitor
e) nutritional factors (active-turned-obese persons due to decline in physical activity and increased food intake)

Probable Symptoms
• Hyperglycemia (increased blood glucose concentration)
• Fasting blood sugar (FBS) reading of more than 120 mg/100 ml of blood
•Polyuria (frequent and abnormally large volume of urine)
•Polydipsia (excessive thirst)
•Polyphagia (increased appetite)
• Dehydration
• General weakness
• Weight loss
•Lowered resistance to infection
• Poor wound healing
•Degenerative changes (inflammation of nerves, atherosclerosis)
• Acidosis as reflected by an acetone smelling breath

Note: Treatment for diabetes should be prescribed by the physician. A careful treatment and control of the disease may prevent long-term complications (blindness,amputated limbs, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, etc.) Balancing the right kind and amount of food,exercise, medication (if necessary), maintenance of desirable body weight, and a positive outlook in life are the keys to efficient control.
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Helpful Dietary Management
• Give calculated or measured low fat diet with normal protein.
• Eat complex carbohydrate foods with high-fiber content.
• Avoid added sugars and concentrated sweets.
• Distribute foods into 3 regular meals.
• Give snacks only when action of medication dictates so.
• Eat regularly.


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